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Men of K-Pop

It’s been a while since I posted some K-Pop videos. Here are some new songs from the men of K-Pop.

If none of the videos work, try watching them on youtube or searching for another video.

Beautiful Hangover – Big Bang

My boys came out with a new video and it looks like their style has evolved into a more sophisticated and mature look that suits them very nicely. New haircuts too. TOP is looking good and stylish as usual. I’m convinced Taeyang is the best dancer and actor in the group. G-Dragon is still prettier than most women. Seungri looks good in white. And the one guy whose name I can never remember looks surprisingly good! He must work out now. And I like the title lol.

Word of advice to G-Dragon: Chapstick.

I’ll Be There – Taeyang

My 남동생 Taeyang came out with a new video this month. It reminds me a lot of vampires because of the cemetery scene. Or maybe because I watched the entire 3 seasons of True Blood in one weekend. That’s 33 hours out of 48.

I Need a Girl – Taeyang

My real brother’s anthem (Taeyang is my brother’s doppelganger). This is an older video featuring Sandara Park from 2NE1. And of course G-Dragon is in it too just because. I think he’s secretly in every K-Pop video.

Better Together – Se7en

Se7en is known for his dance moves. I think he’s pretty good. But all the flashing lights kind of give me a headache. His name makes me think of the movie…

Lucifer – Shinee

A lot of my students like Shinee. I’m not really a fan. They are waaaaay too skinny.

Fly to Seoul ‘Boom Boom Boom’ – 2PM

Here’s 2PM promoting the shit out of Seoul for the Seoul Dream Campaign.

Dalmatian Round 1

This is some kind of promo for a new group called Dalmatian. LOL at the name choice. A buff and tanned man wearing a robe walks into a room full of shoes and pulls out a pair of bedazzled, dalmatian-patterned high tops from the shelf. 33 seconds of confusion…


In other K-Pop news…


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Bucket List

I found this great lesson on waygook.org. There are so many great ideas and materials on there! I changed the original powerpoint a little and I uploaded it on the Lesson Plans page.

I had my first and second grade classes make bucket lists in class. Some students couldn’t think of anything, but most students had lots of interesting ideas. I guess at their age I wanted to meet the Backstreet Boys and go on a shopping spree at Claire’s or whatever.

Here are some things my students want to do before they ‘kick the bucket’:

  • Marry a rich and handsome man.
  • Make a cute baby.
  • Meet a so so so so so pretty girl.
  • Have many girlfriends.
  • Have 100 boyfriends and marry the 101st. (winner)
  • Travel around the world.
  • Donate my organs.
  • Become the CEO of Samsung.
  • Win a gold medal!
  • Get plastic surgery (eyes).
  • Kill the President 이명박 (Lee Myung-bak).
  • Kill 김정일 (Kim Jong Il).
  • Have a pet tiger.
  • Reach max level in computer game.
  • Be a pro gamer.
  • Play every sport.
  • Build a baseball stadium.
  • Eat a dog.
  • Eat people.
  • Eat a sandwich.
  • Live on the sun.
  • Control the earth. (my mini me)
  • Conquer space.
  • Ride a UFO.
  • Have a time machine.
  • Have many slaves.
  • Meet Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.
  • Meet a ghost.
  • I want to help my parents. I want to cure my parents and make a lot of money to buy them a house and love them forever. (So sweet I almost teared up in class!)

I talked them about some of these.. like killing people and getting plastic surgery. Plastic surgery and standards of beauty – that’s a whole other issue to discuss. It’s shocks me to hear such young girls say they want to get plastic surgery.

Some of these are very noble while some are just plain crazy!

One girl talked to me for like 5 minutes about how she wants to have 3 kids and how her kids will be so cute because she is pretty and that I’ll have cute kids too because I’m also pretty. HAHA lovesit.

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I taught 20 hours of advanced conversation classes this past week. It felt like a marathon run at times! I taught the same 10 students for 3.5 hours every day. I decided to post a list of lessons that I did during the week in case anyone else has to go through this, too.

I got a lot of these lessons from other places so I’m just posting the links to where you can find them.


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It’s been raining almost non-stop since I got back from my vacation last week. Actually, this rain had an affect on me all the way in China. My morning flight back to Korea was postponed until the afternoon so the airline put me in a hotel in the meantime. I turned on the TV to watch the news and found out that there was a big storm hitting up the southern part of Korea. Typhoon Dianmu hit Korea earlier that morning. I went back to the airport and had to reschedule my flight since all flights were canceled for the rest of the day. My first thought: I’m not gonna make it to work on time…

I called my co-teacher to let her know the situation and she was very understanding. Luckily, I caught a flight back into Daegu the next morning. I went straight to work after dropping off my luggage at home. My classes were canceled for the day since I was coming in late. VP did not seem happy.. but she forgave me pretty easily and even gave me a popsicle at the end of the day :).

I thought that the rainy season would be pretty much over when I got back, but the rain has not let up. It rained the entire weekend and it rained really hard today starting in the afternoon and through the night. Looks like we might have thunderstorms for the next couple days, too.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Chance of a Thunderstorm
32° C | 25° C
Chance of a Thunderstorm
32° C | 24° C
Chance of Rain
32° C | 24° C
34° C | 23° C
Chance of Rain
35° C | 25° C
Chance of T-storms

30% chanceprecipitation
Chance of T-storms

30% chance precipitation
Chance of Rain

20% chance precipitation
Clear Chance of Rain

20% chance precipitation

*Sidenote: Where does all the water go? Considering all the heavy rains we’ve been having, it’s surprising that Daegu isn’t flooded by now. At least in most of the areas of Daegu that I see. Not that I’m complaining!

I asked the VP about the strange weather and she said that this much rain in August isn’t typical. It seems that the weather has been really atypical since I’ve been here. Not just in Daegu, but everywhere, it seems. What’s happening in the world?

On that note, there have been some devastating natural disasters recently in China and Pakistan. Since I was in China the past couple weeks, I saw a lot of reports on the landslides and floods. In Pakistan, millions of people have been displaced and have limited access to food and water. Since I’m not aware of any English news programs on Korean TV, I get most of my information from online news articles.

As an expat, sometimes I find it difficult to stay in touch with the world and what used to be part of the world I knew. I have to reach out myself in order to stay connected.

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Cooking 101

Since I moved to Korea, I haven’t cooked at home very much since I have a hard time planning my meals in advance. And sometimes the food I buy ends up going bad before I have a chance to use it. It’s relatively cheap to eat out, anyway. But, I won’t be discouraged! I’m not very good at cooking anything, really, but I have this enthusiastic desire to learn how to cook Korean dishes.

Future dream

I found a website called Maangchi that has easy to follow recipes for a variety of Korean dishes. The lady who runs the website seems so sweet ^^! She posts videos showing how to make each dish. There are lots of pictures too. Very useful for anyone interested in learning how to make Korean food at home. Though some of the ingredients may be hard to find.

So far, I’ve only made super simple, non-meat dishes since I haven’t tried to buy meat yet since I’ve been here lol. I just uhh don’t know how to buy it from a butcher.. I’m used to buying meat pre-packed and clearly priced :(. It doesn’t help that I won’t know how to tell the butcher what kind of meat I want and how much. Pathetic, I know. But, I’ll get over this stupid fear I have of buying meat soon. I want to make more stuff at home!

I’ve made:

  • 된장찌개 Beanpaste Stew
  • 김치전 Kimchi Pancake
  • 김치볶음밥 Kimchi Fried Rice
  • 두부부침양념장 Fried Tofu in spicy sauce
  • 계란 말이 Rolled Omelet
  • 계란 찜 Steamed Egg

These dishes are easier to make than they seem. It’s just a little bit hard to get the flavor right the first time. Sometimes, I don’t follow the recipe exactly. For example, I used Bisquik instead of flour to make the kimchi pancake so it turned out a little fluffy haha.


I’m trying really hard to work on my cooking skills so that I can host really awesome dinner parties in the future! But, really I just want to know how to feed myself so I don’t have to eat out all the time. It’s also really satisfying to eat a meal that I made myself :D!

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