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Korean Classes in Daegu

Calling all Daegu-kins! (Daegu + waygookin)

Just got an email from the YMCA in Daegu about Korean classes this spring. I recommend first-timers in Korea to take at least a basic-level Korean class to learn how to read hangeul and to learn some survival Korean. You don’t have to take Korean classes. But, I found it very helpful to take a class because I’m too lazy busy to study on my own. And overall, learning Korean helped make my experience in Korea a lot easier.

Also, the instructors at the YMCA are great (they volunteer to teach)! They’re really nice and helpful. I took the Regular Korean Class Level 4. The class sizes are usually small, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice and ask questions.

Daegu YMCA Korean Class Schedule:

(1) Regular Korean class (Each class 12 weeks), 130,000won ~$115

① Saturdays, 11:00-13:00, April 2-June 18, Level 1-8

② Tuesdays, 19:00-20:50, April 12- July 5, Level 1-5

Four language skills are cohesively integrated into the class curriculum. Each class is taught by 2 instructors and is held 1 time per week. Compared to Intensive course, the Regular courses concentrate more on Speaking skill by putting more time into practice and review speaking in Korean.

(2) Intensive Korean class

① Tue & Fri, 10:30-12:20, March 15-April 29,
3Levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced),  180,000won ~$160 (7weeks, 14classes)

② Mon & Thu, 19:00-20:50, April 4-May 26,
3Levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), 180,000won ~$160 (7weeks, 14classes)

This is for students who want to master Korean in a short period of time. The classes are held 2 times per week and is taught in fast pace in a smaller environment(6 student max.) This course focuses more on grammar based speaking to enhance preciseness and fluency. The Intensive course will suit those who are willing to put their time and effort in learning Korean.

(3) Korean Grammar in Use

① Thursdays, 10:30-12:20, March 24-May 19,
High Beginner to Intermediate, 90,000won ~$80 (8weeks)

② Wednesdays, 19:00-20:50, March 23-May 11,
High Beginner to Intermediate, 90,000won ~$80 (8weeks)

This course will boost students’ Korean skills by looking into differences between similar grammatical constructions and practicing variety of expressions used in same situations from true to life dialogs. The course also covers all grammar points covered by TOPIK levels 1 and 2.

(4) Talk Time

① Mondays, 11:00-12:50, March 28-May 23,
4 Levels (Beginner 1/2, Intermediate, Advanced), 90,000won ~$80 (8weeks)

② Wednesdays, 19:00-20:50, March 30-May 18,
3 Levels (Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced), 90,000won ~$80 (8weeks)

This course is for those who want to practice SPEAKING in Korean. The class aims to help students improve their conversation skills without memorization by creating their own dialogue according to a given situation and explanation of the flow of the dialogue and vocabulary.

(5) Dynamic Writing

– Saturdays, 14:00-15:20, April 2-Jun 11,
High Advanced, 90,000won ~$80 (10weeks)

This class aims to help students to write properly and logically in Korean. Starting from preparation, this course will throughly guide students in writing in Korean by leaning techniques to write and exploring various types of dialogs.

(6) TOPIK Preparation

– Saturdays, 14:00-15:50, March 12-April 16,
High Intermediate to Advanced, 50,000won ~$45 (6weeks)

This course is designed for students who prepare for TOPIK(Test Of Proficiency in Korean) administered by the Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation. The test is divided into four parts: vocabulary & grammar, writing, listening, and reading.

(7) Special Class “Korean start”

– Mon & Wed, 10:30-12:20, March 14-March 23, 40,000won ~$36 (4weeks)

– Tue & Thur, 19:00-20:50, March 15-March 24, 40,000won ~$36 (4weeks)

This class enables students to read Korea and through basic grammar students will learn simple conversations such as introducing themselves.

– For students who came to Korea recently and want to learn Korean for the first time.

– Content : Korean alphabet, basic vocabulary, basic grammar, basic conversation.

Those who have taken this course are eligible to enroll in Regular Korean class LEVEL 2/ Talk Time Beginner1.

(8) Korean Art Program “Minwha”

* Morning class: March 16 ~ May 4 (8weeks), Every Wednesdays 10:30~12:30

* Evening class: March 21 ~ May 16 (8weeks), Every Mondays 18:30~20:30

* Tuition fee: Each class 50,000 won ~$45 (Extra materials charge. approx 50,000won)

Minwha is paintings in which the artists paint folk tales and the lives of middle and lower class Koreans in ancient times.

★ Application period: From Feb 21~

★ Application procedure: E-mail or visit the YMCA to fill out the application

You can sign up the class through e-mail or visit the YMCA. Also you can take a placement test to determine your right level if you want through email (ymcatg@naver.com) or visit YMCA.

Directions to the YMCA:

Line 1 or 2 to 반월당역 Banwoldang Station. Take the escalators out of Exit 13. Look to your left and the YMCA is across the street. Their main office is on the second floor.

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Shots Shots Shots

This song always plays here in Korea. Doesn’t matter where you are. Except, a lot of people in Korea think it refers to gun shots and will make a gun-shooting gesture with their hands. PEW PEW!

Actually, the song refers to drinking shots of alcohol, which Koreans should be familiar with, if you know what I mean. According to a recent article, people in Korea consumed an average of 12.5+ liters per person between 2002-2005.

That’s like a lot of soju and maekju! All I have to say is, I know I’ve had my share of alcohol this past year.

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I’ll be leaving after the end of my contract this month ㅠ_ㅠ. I’m sad to go, especially since I’ve had a great experience teaching and living in Korea. I’ll especially miss my co-teachers and my students. They made my year in Korea a lot of fun. I gave each of my co-teachers a small notebook to have the students write goodbye messages for me. I just got them back and I have to say their messages brought tears to my eyes. Because some are truly touching while others are downright hilarious.

Here are a few of the best (and hilarious) goodbye messages that my students left me:

Thank you. and… party tonight!

Oh my God… Good bye~

Maria Teacher!!!
I’m glad to meet you. Because I met you.

Teacher! Translate this: [a whole paragraph in Korean] I love you!

Hi nice meet you! nice meet you to! thank you for the honey. bye bye
(this was copied word for word by the next student)


Hey Maria Hi~~My name is ___ what your name? I can’t speak English so I love you <3<3<3<3<3  – Mr sin –

Hello. You are very beautiful teacher. I want you are my sister.

I believe you can fly! See you later~!

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains,
You raise me up to walk on the stormy sea
I am strong when I am on your shoulder,
You raise me up to more than I can be.
(this is very sweet)

Maria love ❤
I want you
my ride is fagani zonda f

GooD boy give me Lamborghini

ZOMBIE remember!!

Can you play Call of duty? (this was the entire message)

I am handsome guy.   <-CRAZY GUY (written by another student)

teacher. hi! I love you ❤
your class is shock!!! >_< thank you ~

To Maria
Hello, Maririria! I am ___
Maybe, you think me handsome guy.
You are very nice teacher.
I want to see you next time, Good bye.

Hello! Your smile is pretty. When you are smiling, you are beautiful. You are good teacher! Ill missing you. goodbye teacher ㅠㅠ

I’m always feel happy when I study with you. Because you teach me easy to learn. When I heard that you will go your home, I feel sad. But I wish you are happy and take care.

Maria teacher. My class attitude is bad. I’m so sorry. But I respect you. Teacher good luck. Take care! I miss you~

I will miss you ㅠ_ㅠ;; What is your address????? I’m want going to your home!! I was pleased to study with you for a year >_<

Maria is very cute
Maria is very funny
Maria is very short
So very cute

*I’ll want to eat California orange. ^^*

Dock-Do belongs to Korea lol   Japan (X) <- fuck!!!

Remember it! please…

Someday you meet good boy and marry… congratulation!!

You are so cute, beautiful and you has big eyes. I so envy your face. You leave Korea and go back your home California. I’m so sad. When you have a time, visit Korea and come our middle school…

[Drawing of the Korean flag and a map of North Korea, South Korea, Jeju and, of course, Dok Do]

Dear Maria teacher.
Hello. Maria.
I’m your student.
I heard that you will go to U.S.A.
Why are you go to U.S.A?
I studied with you only one year!
I don’t want to study with another teacher.
I don’t want… but you want to go U.S.A.
Please Don’t Forget Us
Bye teacher. Happy in U.S.A.

Sometimes I wonder, what did they learn from my class? Actually, I wanted them to learn to express themselves without the pretense of getting good grades. And, as shown above, I think many were able to accomplish that! I’ll really miss these kids and I hope they know that the feeling is mutual.

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