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Indefinite Stopover

I took a one-way flight to the Philippines instead of going back home right away. Technically this isn’t a stopover since Manila was the final destination on my flight. But, I consider this part of the path that eventually leads me back home.

This is actually from my flight to Dumaguete 😛

Time flew by so quickly! It’s already been a month since I left Korea. I wasn’t sure what to do with my blog after I left, which is why I haven’t updated with new posts. Of course I wanted to keep it around as a kind of record of my adventures in Korea. But, I’m not sure how to continue this blog now that I’ve left.

I really appreciate all the comments from people who stop by to read the blog. Thank you!!!! I hope you have a great experience in Korea or have the opportunity to travel there sometime. Like I’ve said before, everyone has a unique experience – for better or for worse. I’d like to hear some of your stories from Korea.

I’m always available to answer questions if you want to contact me by leaving a comment. I’m sorry if I don’t respond to your comments or emails right away. Sometimes I don’t have time to respond quickly and the emails quickly get buried by random facebook updates. Have to disable those…

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to return to Korea, but I definitely plan on going back! Hopefully within the next couple years so I can say hi to my little first graders before they go off to high school. Aww, yeah I got attached.

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