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My Neighborhood

Slowly but surely, I’m starting to find my way around. I live near a lot of small restaurants and shops as well as an open market. I’ve been to the kimbap place and the grocery store a few times and they are already used to my goofy smiling face and inability to speak Korean. At least today I was able to say hello, thank you, how much, and two kimbap for take out!


I bought some food to eat at home when I don’t feel like going out. I don’t even have a rice cooker yet so I have to buy microwaveable rice. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad. I also bought fruits from the open market. The oranges are from my landlady :). Yes, I suck at buying groceries. Don’t judge me! I still don’t know how to buy all the ingredients I need to actually cook a real meal.

Grocery shopping: microwaveable rice, instant noodles, cookies, ham

There’s some good street food around here too. The bungeoppang lady knows me too haha. Bungeoppang is a fish-shaped, red-bean filled pastry sold on the street.

붕어빵 bungeoppang


I like my apartment, landlord and landlady, and my neighborhood.  The location doesn’t seem so bad either. So I’m good for now!

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I find this so confusing. Back home we just separate refuse, recycling (paper, plastic, glass, aluminum all in one bin), and plant material. I’m not sure if this is in all of Korea, but for my apartment we have to separate all of our trash before we throw it out. First, I had to buy designated trash bags for general trash like wrappers, dust, etc. I get fined if I put any food waste into these trash bags! I don’t even know how they can figure out whose trash it is. Glass, plastic, and paper are separated into bags downstairs. I have a small red pot for food waste only. I bring my trash down every other night for trash collecting. In my neighborhood back home they usually picked up the trash early in the morning. I hope I can follow the trash rules correctly :\.

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