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Day 2 of camp. We played Mafia (powerpoint is on the Lesson Plans page) for the first class. First I explained how to play the game. Each student gets a role card. They’re not allowed to say what they are or show their card to anyone. I was the Storyteller and instructed students during the game.

At the beginning of each round, everyone closes their eyes. First I ask only the Mafia to open their eyes. They have to stay silent so they don’t reveal their identities. So, they point to identify their targets. Then they close their eyes again. Second, the Police open their eyes. They point to people they think could possibly be in the Mafia. Then close their eyes again. Finally, the Doctors open their eyes and choose people to save.

The Mafia are able to kill 1-4 people (depending on the number of people playing) during each round. The Police are able to accuse 2-3 people of being Mafia and the Storyteller nods yes or no to confirm. The Doctor is able to protect/save 2-3 people during each round.

Then I ask everyone to open their eyes. I reveal any unfortunate deaths and tell those students that they can no longer talk since they are dead but they can keep their eyes open for the rest of the game. Then the students accuse each other and defend themselves. That part gets a little bit hard for them but they try their best.


During the second class, we learned how to make piñatas. Since we were short on time, we made the really simple kind made out of paper bags haha. My co-teacher and I prepped the tissue paper since we had large sheets of tissue paper. We cut them into strips and cut the fringe to save class time. We ended up doing that for hours…. didn’t want to ever see tissue paper again.

I asked the students to bring their own paper bags to class. Surprisingly, most of them remembered. We also provided some glue, construction paper, and markers. Enough typing, just check out the pics.

1. Crumple paper

2. Fill the bag with crumpled paper

3. Tape or staple the bag closed

4. Fold tissue paper to stagger the 2 layers of fringe (?)

5. Glue the first layer of fringe close to the bottom of the bag.

6. Glue the next layer above the first one.

7. Try not to make a mess.

8. Keep adding layers of tissue paper until the bag is completely covered.

9. Add eyes and other features.

10. Ta da!

Here are some more pics of their completed piñatas:





Looks just like the example!





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For our first lesson, we talked about clothes. The powerpoint is on the Lesson Plans page. After we went over different types of clothes and how to describe them, the students cut out clothes from magazines and presented them to the class. Easy and fun activity for the first day. The students could already tell that camp would be more hands-on and interesting than regular English class.

Here are my students hard at work!

He's wearing a suit and tie

So stylish

Look at the concentration

So focused!

This kid is straight up napping in the middle of class

The finished product…

Pretty good job

Korean celebs

Not bad from the boys. Though they admittedly only picked the pics of hot girls o_o;

The high class life according to the first grade boys.

Didn’t want to post too many pics but you all get the idea. I think they did a pretty good job overall.

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Late update but since this is my blog, I can post this on any date I want haha.

English Camp at my school was great! My co-teacher was able to pull together some money for materials for our camp so we went shopping for decorations. I wanted to go with a Harry Potter theme since I love Harry Potter and so do my students :). We had two classes A and B, AKA Gryffindor and Slytherin. I couldn’t find any HP decorations at all, so we had to make everything ourselves! I won’t go into all the details, but here are some pics of the decorations we made!

Gryffindor! My co-teacher traced and cut out all the letters!

Slytherin.. boo

Stars hanging from the ceiling (my co-teacher cut out the stars too!)

So what did I actually make? Well, I thought of the idea haha and of course I pitched in!!

fire burn and cauldron bubble


Hogwarts School of hard knocks

And we magically transformed the dingy classroom into an HP-themed dingy classroom.

well it looks better than it usually does!

I would’ve liked to make more but we only had one day to prep everything and I was feeling a little under the weather haha. But I’m happy we got to make something special for the students!

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Summer Camps

Like all other EPIK teachers, I’m teaching summer camps for a couple weeks this summer before I go on vacation. I have 2 camps in addition to the English camp at my school. It’s not too bad.

I finished my lesson plans for all 3 camps, but I’m still finishing up the worksheets, powerpoints and other materials for my camps. Since I didn’t have any classes today, I worked on powerpoints ALL DAY. Here are my camp topics:

  • Getting to Know You – Intro class for my school’s English camp. We’ll play People Bingo and Battleship.
  • Clothing – Having students cut out clothes from magazines and design their own line. Then give presentations describing the clothes they picked out. I made a simpler version for my other camp.
  • Murder Mystery – Playing a murder mystery game and mafia.
  • Birthdays – Students will learn how to make wishes and how to make really simple pinatas. I made a simpler version for my other camp that doesn’t involve making pinatas.
  • Restaurants – Role-playing a restaurant scene. Students will cry over paying for tax and tip. I made a simpler version for my other camp.
  • Farewell – Party and games.
  • Airport – My elementary school camp for 3rd and 4th grade. How the hell do I teach them about the airport? Luckily, I found worksheets on the Jay Jay the Jetplane website.

I’ll put up the powerpoints once I finish them all. I feel like I’ve been working on them forever!

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