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Excuses, Excuses!

I blame fatigue and life in general for keeping me from blogging! I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately. Mainly, if I’m going to stay another year in Korea or go back home. Many of us have this on our minds right now. I’ll save that for another post.

Here are my excuses:

  1. I have to go to academy! I started taking Korean classes again. Two different ones. And I actually have to study for tests and complete homework. But this is the best way for me to learn Korean. Self-study just doesn’t cut it ever happen.
  2. English Buddies. It’s this new program the DMOE is trying out. I meet with two Korean English teachers twice a week and talk with them on the phone 3 times a week. Kind of like having BFFs except I get paid for it. My English Buddies are super sweet!
  3. After School Class. We’re working on recreating scenes from Harry Potter. This is proving to be an almost insurmountable task. The students have a hard time focusing since I’m having them work on different things. I feel like I’m running a circus.
  4. Sleep. It seems all those years of denying myself have finally caught up. I still have insomnia occasionally but I have never felt fatigue hit me so hard! It’s not even that I work harder than before. I must be out of shape.
  5. Lesson plans. Neverending. If I could just get myself to plan out the last two lessons for each grade… but I also have to type out the formal lesson plan, which I’m two weeks behind on. For each grade.
  6. Decision-making. I think I’ve finally settled my decision for next year. To stay or not to stay. My final answer will be revealed in a later post.

I think those are enough excuses. I’m going to upload some photos onto wordpress so I can write the posts at school tomorrow. Happy Monday everyone!

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Back from the abyss!

I’ve been MIA from the blog this past month because I’ve been busy at school, had the bf visit, went to Seoul for Chuseok and I couldn’t log into WordPress at school for some reason. But now I’m back!!

Look forward to some posts about:

  • Traditional tea ceremony
  • Hallyu Dream Festival in Gyeongju
  • Davis Cup Tennis (Korea vs. Philippines)
  • Trip to Jeonju
  • Chuseok in Seoul
  • Panmunjeom and DMZ tour plus a view into North Korea
  • More food updates
  • More lesson materials and ppts

Students have midterms next week so I should have plenty of time to work on these posts! I’m also open to ideas from anyone. What do you want to know about Daegu and the ROK??

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Turning Point…?

Here it is… my first rant. This is my first post written in anger and frustration. It’s due to a combination of events. Actually, I still love being in Korea and I’m having lots of fun, so this isn’t actually a rant about Korea. I’m really frustrated with the complicated tax exemption process.

I’ve been waiting for my residency certificate (Form 6166) since February. Soon after I arrived in Korea, I asked my parents to mail Form 8802 to request the residency certificate. I would’ve done it myself, but things got pretty hectic before I left. My brother went into the hospital the day before I left for Korea. So, I understand that my parents had a lot to worry about. I would do it myself, but I can’t do much from Korea. I already filled out the form so all I needed to do it have it mailed to the IRS. Simple, right?

Turns out my parents never mailed it. alksdfjalskdjf. I’d been eagerly waiting for the past 2 months, thinking my residency certificate was on its way. But, my parents had no idea what I was talking about. They could’ve said something earlier! They thought I was asking them to file my taxes. wtfff. I sent them detailed instructions, a copy of the form, and told them exactly where it was in my room. I am just going to have someone else do this for me. Parents = epic fail.

The worst part is that I have to wait another month once I send the form. I told my school I would have it soon. I hate having all the information and knowing exactly what needs to be done, but not being able to do anything about it.

Other things.. I tripped on the stairs at school yesterday. Ate it pretty bad and now I have a bruised knee. It didn’t put me in a bad mood though, it gave me a good laugh. But, lately I’ve been feeling accident prone and it makes me feel uneasy. Like I’m waiting for something bad to happen to me. I can’t shake this ominous feeling…

Some of my classes are becoming more rowdy. They picked a bad week for that. They shouldn’t give me any reasons not to be nice. Because when I’m not nice, it’s really, truly an unpleasant experience. Don’t want to unleash that anytime soon. I’m trying to enjoy myself here!

UPDATE: My parents did send my tax form back in February! My mom scanned a letter from the IRS saying they received my application and they’re processing it. But it took them 2 months to send me a letter telling me they are processing it… IRS= epic fail.

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Epic Fail #1

I’ve done some pretty dumb things so far while I’ve been here. Like getting off at the wrong bus stop or saying the wrong word to somebody in Korean. Just in general not knowing what to do and being completely wrong. No problem. Brush it off and I’m all good. But today I had my most epic of fails.

I was on the bus in Seoul on my way to the Myeongdong shopping area. My friend and I were going to drop by before we made our way to Seoul Station. When we got to the stop we saw a huge crowd of people. We wondered… what could it be? He figured it was somebody famous. The only famous Korean celebrity I know is Rain and I was like oh god it could be anyone so I wasn’t really that excited but I was definitely curious. We ended up staying on the bus and going straight to Seoul Station instead. We met up with our other friends who just came from Myeongdong and they said they didn’t bother going into the crowd to see who it was. Oh well, we could find out when we got home.

Turns out… IT WAS RAIN!!! NOOOOO Epic Fail!!! I didn’t get off the bus and I was just across the street from Rain! [dies]

Shaking my fist yelling "RAIINNNN!!!" a la Stephen Colbert

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