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Secret Garden OST – I WANT

Over the past few weeks, I’ve become obsessed with one of SBS’s latest weekend dramas, 시크릿 가든 (Secret Garden), starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won. I heard from a few friends and teachers that it was pretty good, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s about Kim Joo-won, the grandson of a chaebol (a family-owned multinational corporation, e.g. Samsung), and his unlikely romance with Gil Ra-im, a hard-working stunt woman.

There are plenty of blogs and websites with descriptions and episode summaries, so I will link a few of my go-to sites if you’re interested in finding out more. They’re much better than anything I could write on this drama :P.

Yes, they switch bodies!

Here’s how I usually watch dramas:

  1. I watch the episodes on TV in Korean and understand about <8% of the dialogue (studying Korean fail) and most of the interactions and facial expressions. The series airs on SBS on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:00 (10:00pm).
  2. Then, I watch the episode again online with English subtitles on mysoju.com or in higher quality on dramafever.com (US and Canada only) once they’re posted. It usually takes a week or so before they are subbed and posted online. Sometimes sooner!
    Or, you can download the raw episode in Korean and find a compatible subtitle file (.srt) for that episode. It’s a bit more complicated, but the quality is much, much better. And these files are usually available quite soon after the episode airs. You need VLC or GOM Player to play the video and subtitles.
  3. Finally, I read the episode summary and commentaries on the latest episode.  I usually go to dramabeans.com because I enjoy reading their commentaries and I like their writing style. They’re also quite fast at posting episode recaps.

My co-teacher said that after taking all these steps, I must be an expert on Secret Garden ;).

Not only is the drama beautifully filmed and the acting sincere and emotional, the music is also pretty good. It sounds cheesy, but whenever I hear the songs while I’m walking around, it kind of warms my heart. I know, I’m such a sap. I can’t even believe I said that. But, it looks like I’m not the only fan of the Secret Garden OST – they’ve all SOLD OUT.

Secret Garden OST 2

Get the Secret Garden OST online:

Secret Garden OST 1

Secret Garden OST 2

Secret Garden OST 3

Secret Garden OST 4

Secret Garden OST 5

Listen to the songs on youtube:

  • 나타나 (김범수) – from Secret Garden OST Part 2
  • 이유 (신용재) – from Secret Garden OST Part 3
  • 그남자 (Hyun Bin’s version) – from Secret Garden OST 5

The final 2 episodes of the series will air this weekend. I’m anxiously awaiting the series finale!

Photos: from allkpop.com – Asia Economy via Daum, Korea Economy via Daum, Joy News 24 via Daum; Sports Chosun via Daum

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Let’s Fly

Because I’m into Far East Movement and I love me some Socal. Congrats on having a number one single, FM! Here’s an article I wrote about them on BakitWhy.com.

Up, up here we go

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Another day, another free concert. Life is just too good sometimes!

I went up to Seoul with a few friends to attend the Asia Song Festival at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. It’s a huge venue suitable for hosting a concert of that scale. But, the festival didn’t run very smoothly. The ticket booths were disorganized and there weren’t enough signs to indicate where people should wait in line. There was too much cutting and pushing and shoving that could have been better regulated. Maybe they lacked volunteers or didn’t have enough money for signs. I think a lot of things can be improved for future years.

Program and ticket

Our seats weren’t bad. We had seats in the stands more toward the right side of the stage. They opened the doors around 3:30 even though the concert didn’t start until around 7. We just sat in the stands and had snacks.

Setting up the stage

Here’s a list of the performers:

  • 이승철 Lee Seung-chul (Korea)
  • 비 Rain (Korea)
  • 보아 BoA (Korea)
  • 카라 KARA (Korea)
  • 투에이엠 2AM (Korea)
  • AKB48 (Japan)
  • Jane Zhang (China)
  • Joe Cheng (China)
  • Michael Wong (Malaysia)
  • Bie The Star (Thailand)
  • 포미닛 4Minute (Korea)
  • 비스트 Beast (Korea)

Not a big fan of their songs but their performance wasn’t bad.

4 minute

At first, I made fun of their name as a ripoff of 2PM. But these guys really can sing.


Beautiful staging to showcase her sweet voice.

Jane Zhang

I assumed Jackie Chan would be there as the Chairperson of the Asia Song Festival. I hoped he would jump out of a helicopter and land on stage. But this is all we got. A 10 second video of Jackie Chan dubbed in Korean. To be fair, he reminded us that one of the reasons of hosting the festival is to to support UNICEF’s programs around the world.

Jackie's "appearance"

The strangest performance I’ve ever seen. Mega idol group AKB48 from Japan consists of 48 girls. I thought my head was going to explode from the combined assault of super pop music, pirate-y costumes, high-pitched voices and the spectacle of 48 dancing girls.


KARA performed two of the catchiest songs of the year, “Mister” and “Lupin.”


Beast, once again. Though this performance seemed better than the one they gave at the Hallyu Dream Festival.

Every night I shock...

And finally…

It's hard to tell, but it's Rain!

It's really him!

Sorry I didn’t really take any good photos. I was too busy having fun! It was really touching to see Michael Wong perform one of the most famous Mandarin songs ever. It brought back memories of my EAP days! And, of course, I was so excited to FINALLY see Rain!!

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Men of K-Pop

It’s been a while since I posted some K-Pop videos. Here are some new songs from the men of K-Pop.

If none of the videos work, try watching them on youtube or searching for another video.

Beautiful Hangover – Big Bang

My boys came out with a new video and it looks like their style has evolved into a more sophisticated and mature look that suits them very nicely. New haircuts too. TOP is looking good and stylish as usual. I’m convinced Taeyang is the best dancer and actor in the group. G-Dragon is still prettier than most women. Seungri looks good in white. And the one guy whose name I can never remember looks surprisingly good! He must work out now. And I like the title lol.

Word of advice to G-Dragon: Chapstick.

I’ll Be There – Taeyang

My 남동생 Taeyang came out with a new video this month. It reminds me a lot of vampires because of the cemetery scene. Or maybe because I watched the entire 3 seasons of True Blood in one weekend. That’s 33 hours out of 48.

I Need a Girl – Taeyang

My real brother’s anthem (Taeyang is my brother’s doppelganger). This is an older video featuring Sandara Park from 2NE1. And of course G-Dragon is in it too just because. I think he’s secretly in every K-Pop video.

Better Together – Se7en

Se7en is known for his dance moves. I think he’s pretty good. But all the flashing lights kind of give me a headache. His name makes me think of the movie…

Lucifer – Shinee

A lot of my students like Shinee. I’m not really a fan. They are waaaaay too skinny.

Fly to Seoul ‘Boom Boom Boom’ – 2PM

Here’s 2PM promoting the shit out of Seoul for the Seoul Dream Campaign.

Dalmatian Round 1

This is some kind of promo for a new group called Dalmatian. LOL at the name choice. A buff and tanned man wearing a robe walks into a room full of shoes and pulls out a pair of bedazzled, dalmatian-patterned high tops from the shelf. 33 seconds of confusion…


In other K-Pop news…


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Usher’s concert in Seoul on Saturday at Olympic Park was really good. Considering he’s not nearly as hugely popular in Korea as he is in the States, he performed at a smaller venue but was able to draw a pretty large crowd. His voice and his dancing and his body – STILL GOT IT.


The stage set up was pretty simple with like a staircase and the band sitting around the back. Usher started out with some old stuff like “You Make Me Wanna” and “Nice and Slow” then his bigger hits like “Confessions” and all that good stuff. I never realized how many Usher songs I know. The guy is prolific. Actually, more like he’s been around for like 15 years. He sang a lot of old hits, nothing wrong with that. It was like a trip down memory lane!

Usher really is a quality performer. He can sing his ass off and he’s a freakin dance machine.  He wore a blazer, what was he thinking? His shirt was soaked all the way through. I think he should’ve just gone shirtless.

I was most impressed by the man’s voice. Usher has eliminated all doubt in my mind that he’s quit being a singer. His voice was on it that night. He’s also very charming. He made the little heart over his head that all my students love to do and he said 사랑해요 how sweet. We love you too Usher.

And he made us do the thunderclap at the end haha.

The biggest disappointment of the night was not seeing Rain. alskdfjalskdf my Raindar was off on that one. Rain had better make it up to me by coming to Daegu. And it better not be during a weekend that I’m traveling.

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Beat It

No doubt that Michael Jackson was a worldwide superstar. Some Korean artists from Fluxus Music made their own version of MJ’s song Beat It using iPhone apps. Pretty neat!

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Maybe it’s the other way around, but I’m in Korea and I’m a fan of Rain so in this case Usher can be introduced like that. Why am I even talking about Usher???

Well, one of my many hobbies is watching TV in Korea because I love pop culture. One day I suddenly saw a familiar sight. A sultry-faced Usher wearing an unbottoned shirt in front of a wind machine. I thought OMG what is this, cologne? And it turns out Usher is having a concert in Korea! One of my friends messaged me about it this week and I was like WE GOTTA GO!

Urshurr in Seoul

This knocks off about 4 things on my To Do List in Korea: Attend a concert, see Olympic Park, see a big celebrity, and MEET RAIN. How, do you ask?? Well, I have a RAINdar and it tells me that Rain will be there.

Okay I actually have evidence to support my RAINdar senses. A few years back Usher made an appearance at one of Rain’s concerts. He came up on stage and he and Rain did some kind of secret handshake. So Rain and Usher know each other. Since this is Usher’s first concert in Korea, I think it’s the perfect opportunity for Rain to return the favor.

Look, here’s a video if you still don’t believe me. Usher shows up at 1:50.

It seems the stars have aligned for me to have another chance to see Rain.

P.S. I would totally die if Usher wears that white silky jacket to his concert LOL!


Oh yeah. Rain recently won the Most Baddass Award at the MTV Movie Awards and I knew it would rekindle his rivalry with Stephen Colbert. Check out the video at the link.

Stephen Colbert has a rivalry with Rain because Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people listed Rain as the number one most influential person, with Stephen Colbert ranked second. So Stephen Colbert made a K-Pop video in an attempt to beat Rain at his own game. He also had a dance-off with Rain lol. I can’t find the videos on youtube but check the links to watch on Colbert’s website.

WordPress sucks at embedding videos.

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