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My ultimate vice…

As most of you know, I’m a cosmetics fanatic. There is a gravitational force between me and Sephora that pulls me into the store whenever I am near. I love skin care products and cosmetics, even though I hardly even wear make up. I have lots of really great stuff that I should use more regularly. Actually, if it weren’t for such great skin care products, I probably would look worse than I do now. More like a zombie. (The main reason is that I don’t sleep)

Imagine my delight when I realized that Korea is full of skin care products~~!! There’s The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Missha, Innis Free, Etude House, Skin Food, DHC (my favorite), The Body Shop, Tony Moly, and some other smaller shops that I don’t even go into. I took these pictures on my day off and it was a pretty nice day! I’m never downtown at this time of day so everything looked new to me.

It's skin & DHC

Skin Food and Innisfree

Etude House and Missha

The most aggressive of them all! The Face Shop and Nature Republic

A familiar face! Very expensive in Korea though.

These stores are all right next to each other in downtown. I have found this to be both a dream and a nightmare!


  • Most days, stores hand out free samples just for walking in. So far, during my multiple visits, I have collected: 6 boxes of cotton pads, 7 face masks, and dozens of samples of toner, moisturizer (or essence/emulsion as they like to call it), and anti-wrinkle cream.


  • You can walk in and walk right out and still keep the samples. Of course I do this! I don’t abuse it either trust me.. I’ve purchased plenty of things!

My purchases

  • If you buy something significant, like 10,000 worth (!$10), they will fill your bag with more and even better free samples.
  • Free gifts for being a baller.

Free purse from DHC!

  • Prices are relatively cheap! As far as I can tell, the quality is pretty good too.
  • Workers are usually friendly and helpful. They can usually speak some English too. I’ve learned some Korean words just by talking to them about beauty products. Not sure how far that will get me, though.
  • They sell everything! Make up, nail polish, skin care, hair products, lotion, soap, accessories…


  • There is usually one person standing outside with a microphone in one hand and a basket in the other. I’m not sure what they are saying but they must be advertising their products.
  • Another person handing out more baskets and trying to block your path to pull you inside.
  • Going through this 8 times as you go down the street.
  • Getting pulled inside before you even know what hit you.
  • Being followed around by an eager employee.

I’d say the pros outweigh the cons. I love these stores! Would anyone be interested in reading product reviews??

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