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Davis Cup

The bf came to Korea to see his first love: me tennis. I’m not very knowledgeable about tennis, but the Davis Cup matches are grouped by region and division, making it difficult for teams like the Philippines to advance and play the big countries like Spain and the US. So this was a rare opportunity for us to see the Philippines Davis Cup team in action!

What a picturesque setting

The Philippine team happened to be playing Korea while he was visiting, so I guess it was a fortuitous event from the beginning. The match was held in Changwon, about an hour and a half south of Daegu. We were only able to make it for the doubles match, but it was well worth the trip!

Philippine Davis Cup Team

We were the only Pilipino fans in the stands and I think that surprised the Philippine national team. They were kind enough to invite us to sit with them to watch the match. I’m pretty sure it made my bf’s day, if not his entire trip.

Getting started

Cecil Mamiit and Treat Huey, both Pil-Ams, played against Hyun-joon Kim and Jae-min Seol from Korea. They started off well and won 3 sets in a row to claim their first victory against Korea. They lost the first two singles matches the day before, but they played together well against the Korean doubles team.

Taking a break in between sets ?

Cecil Mamiit and Treat Huey both played singles the day before, while the Korean doubles players were playing fresh. It also gave the singles players on the Korean team some time to rest between matches.

It’s in the bag!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t come back to watch the final two singles matches on Sunday but we wished them luck! The guys from the team were really approachable and nice. I wasn’t sure what else to say to them since even after so long I still don’t know much about tennis :P.

We checked the results after our trip to Jeonju the next day and it turns out the Philippines won the last two matches to snag a victory against Korea! Mabuhay!!

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FIFA Update

So excited that Korea made it to the last 16! It’s only the second time they’ve gotten this far in the World Cup. Lots of people stayed up to watch the South Korea v. Nigeria game at 3:30am. I didn’t stay out to watch this game, but I’ll definitely be there for the next game. Korean fans are amazing!

I know almost nothing about soccer and the World Cup but I’ve been reading articles about South Korea’s next game against Uruguay. After the Argentina v. South Korea game, I’m nervous about another game against another South American team lol. So I decided to check out some stats.

This quote really made my hope falter:

Manchester United midfielder Park is focused solely on the upcoming game against Uruguay, who the East Asians have not beaten in four previous attempts.

Stats are not on the South Korean’s side in this game. But, like others have been saying, this World Cup has seen a fair amount of upsets so far. So, we’ll see.

I’d like to see Korea play hard in this next game. The last two games weren’t their best. So let’s see some more goals 대한민국! I want to see them go far.

As for team USA, their last game was a nail-biter but they made it to the next round thanks to Landon Donovan. I’ll go out to the next USA game too. Wow the World Cup is getting more and more exciting.

If both Korea and USA advance, then they’ll be facing each other in a match that is guaranteed to disappoint USA and Korea fans one way or another. My loyalty will be divided if and when that day comes!

UPDATE: South Korea and USA both lost their games in the same night :(. I went home at 6:30am tired and defeated. But, they made a good effort considering the horrible officiating by the refs. 대한민국 and USA did us proud!

Also, England is out mwahaha. Just kidding. Sorry about the loss. Now I don’t care much who wins the World Cup.

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It’s Korea v. Argentina tonight at 8:30 local time. Should be another good game! Actually, it’s their toughest match up in this group. I guess Argentina is heavily favored to win, but Korea is hoping to carry the momentum from their win against Greece. I totally paraphrased that from the article I just read.

Argentina are the best team in our group. They have a lot of top international players. People are saying they could make the Final. Of course there is a difference in standard between the two teams but the unexpected can happen in this World Cup, and that is what we are looking to do.

I watched the Korea v. Greece game in Busan last weekend at Haeundae. Amazing experience! I’m not a big sports fan, and I know nothing about soccer, but I must’ve caught a little World Cup fever. Especially in a country that is so excited about playing in the World Cup. Plus they got Kim Yuna and Big Bang to collaborate on the anthem. So I was pretty much sold.

Out on the beach in Busan

I got a Shouts of Red t-shirt and the red horns and the inflatable bats. Supporting Korea of course! The game was really exciting. And everyone was so damn happy to see Korea win. And I guess everyone was a winner that night lol. Apparently, condom sales skyrocketed in Korea after the World Cup win. Five times more than in 2006, when Korea didn’t so do great in the World Cup. Also convenience stores and chicken joints benefited from the Korean victory.

I should’ve gotten in on the action! Sell some condoms, beer, chicken and snacks and root for another win! I don’t know…but I have a good feeling about tonight!! GO 대한민국!

Vendor selling World Cup merchandise

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Korea was outmatched by Argentina. I don’t watch soccer, but I could tell Argentina was in control of the game. It’s not that Korea played terrible, either. They just couldn’t get close to the goal. Plus the unfortunate accidental goal when the ball bounced off the Korean player and went into their own goal. A sad night for Korean fans everywhere :(.

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What is Sports Day? I’m not quite sure. But, most elementary and middle schools have one every year. Classes compete against one another in various games and relays. Each class selects a costume or theme for Sports Day. We had about 3 Superman classes.

Students in class costumes

I walked around and talked to every class and took pictures of students cheering and competing in the sports events.

You better run.. run.. run..

Jump over the stick

Scooter ..?

Run on top of your classmates!

I was asked to participate in the teacher’s run. I didn’t know it was a race and a team relay! So, I actually had to run. Luckily, our team won and we each got a 10,000won gift certificate!

After Sports Day at my school, I went over to Daegu Stadium to watch the IAAF Pre-Championships Meet. Track and Field competition. Daegu is hosting the World Championships next year, so this is a pre-championship competition. The main attraction of the event was none other than Usain Bolt!

Look at him go!

Even faster in person!

100m in 9.86 seconds

Great way to spend the day and start a long weekend!

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