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Not really. I had such a great year teaching, traveling and having fun in Korea. I didn’t leave my heart behind completely, but it feels like something’s been missing since I left. Unlike many of my friends who went straight home after finishing their contracts, I decided to extend my time abroad and stay in the Philippines. I haven’t been home in over a year now, but I don’t feel ready to go back quite yet.

I’ve been thinking about Korea a lot lately – wondering at odd hours of the day what my friends must be doing (deskwarming, hanging out downtown, or drinking in any combination). Wondering if my students miss me or if their beloved Maria Teacher has been replaced ㅠ_ㅠ (I hope not!). Wondering what new cosmetics must be out. I could go on. Instead, I’ll make a list of things I miss from my life in the 대한민국.

Korea Miss List:

  • 제 친구들 – My friends!! I met so many great people and I miss seeing their goofy, drunken faces. Just kidding, we weren’t always drunk, right?
  • My co-teacher – She is such a great person. I miss her! Seriously, I was crying on the bus ride to the airport after she dropped me off ㅜ_ㅜ.
  • My students – I loved being a teacher. Not trying to gloss over the stress and frustration I often felt while teaching in Korea. But, my experience was overwhelmingly positive and most of that is thanks to my students.
  • Foods – Let me make a brief list: kimchi, samgyeopsal, samgyetang, kimchi jjiggae, doenjang jjiggae, Korean wings and fried chicken, bibimbap, freakin banchan, kimbap, rice cakes, ddoekbokki, street snacks
  • Egg Tarts – Not what Korea is famous for, but I always used to hang out at the egg tarts place with my pals after dinner.
  • Shopping – Because let’s face it, where did half of my salary go every month.
  • Cosmetics – There are so many and they’re so cheap! I’m also obsessed with cosmetics and Korea just made it worse.
  • K-pop – The soundtrack of my life in Korea. What’s new nowadays??
  • K-dramas – DUDE what’s new nowadays??
  • Nature – Never thought I’d say it. I kind of like nature now thanks to Korea.
  • 4 Seasons – I think it’s a nice concept.
  • Internet – I miss the high-speed internet!
  • Mobility – It’s pretty easy to travel in Korea. I can’t travel as easily here in the Philippines so I feel very limited.
  • Hair salons – I need a trim! I miss Ji-won at Serrano!
  • Korean – I miss hearing Korean! I feel like following around the Korean students I see here. I know, that is just creepy. I won’t do it 😛
  • Traveling – There was always somewhere new to see or return trips to Seoul or Busan. I felt like I could do anything I wanted at any moment.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things. I’m so glad that I took a chance and went to Korea. I learned so much and I have lots of great memories and stories to share with everyone when I finally return home.

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Lesson Plans

Updated my Lesson Plans page with some more ppts and worksheets. Put up some Halloween and Christmas ppts. I’m working on a New Years and resolutions lesson for camp, which I’ll upload later.

Anyone have any good camp ideas for this winter?

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Taught my students how to ask ‘Have you ever…?’ questions. It’s a pretty good lesson. Afterward we did a review game. One of the questions is:

Have you ever _____ a dog?

I thought there was only one obvious answer: had. I even wrote it on their People Bingo sheet so it should’ve been easy for them. How naive am I?

Here’s what they’ve said:

Have you ever GROWN a dog?

Have you ever EATEN a dog?

Have you ever BEATEN a dog?

Have you ever SEEN a dog?

Have you ever RIDDEN a dog?

Have you ever BEEN a dog?

I couldn’t stop laughing when one kid said in all seriousness, “Have you ever BEEN a dog?” But it’s an acceptable question. If he believes in reincarnation.

These old Sesame Street skits come to mind:

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Bucket List

I found this great lesson on waygook.org. There are so many great ideas and materials on there! I changed the original powerpoint a little and I uploaded it on the Lesson Plans page.

I had my first and second grade classes make bucket lists in class. Some students couldn’t think of anything, but most students had lots of interesting ideas. I guess at their age I wanted to meet the Backstreet Boys and go on a shopping spree at Claire’s or whatever.

Here are some things my students want to do before they ‘kick the bucket’:

  • Marry a rich and handsome man.
  • Make a cute baby.
  • Meet a so so so so so pretty girl.
  • Have many girlfriends.
  • Have 100 boyfriends and marry the 101st. (winner)
  • Travel around the world.
  • Donate my organs.
  • Become the CEO of Samsung.
  • Win a gold medal!
  • Get plastic surgery (eyes).
  • Kill the President 이명박 (Lee Myung-bak).
  • Kill 김정일 (Kim Jong Il).
  • Have a pet tiger.
  • Reach max level in computer game.
  • Be a pro gamer.
  • Play every sport.
  • Build a baseball stadium.
  • Eat a dog.
  • Eat people.
  • Eat a sandwich.
  • Live on the sun.
  • Control the earth. (my mini me)
  • Conquer space.
  • Ride a UFO.
  • Have a time machine.
  • Have many slaves.
  • Meet Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.
  • Meet a ghost.
  • I want to help my parents. I want to cure my parents and make a lot of money to buy them a house and love them forever. (So sweet I almost teared up in class!)

I talked them about some of these.. like killing people and getting plastic surgery. Plastic surgery and standards of beauty – that’s a whole other issue to discuss. It’s shocks me to hear such young girls say they want to get plastic surgery.

Some of these are very noble while some are just plain crazy!

One girl talked to me for like 5 minutes about how she wants to have 3 kids and how her kids will be so cute because she is pretty and that I’ll have cute kids too because I’m also pretty. HAHA lovesit.

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I taught 20 hours of advanced conversation classes this past week. It felt like a marathon run at times! I taught the same 10 students for 3.5 hours every day. I decided to post a list of lessons that I did during the week in case anyone else has to go through this, too.

I got a lot of these lessons from other places so I’m just posting the links to where you can find them.


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Day 2 of camp. We played Mafia (powerpoint is on the Lesson Plans page) for the first class. First I explained how to play the game. Each student gets a role card. They’re not allowed to say what they are or show their card to anyone. I was the Storyteller and instructed students during the game.

At the beginning of each round, everyone closes their eyes. First I ask only the Mafia to open their eyes. They have to stay silent so they don’t reveal their identities. So, they point to identify their targets. Then they close their eyes again. Second, the Police open their eyes. They point to people they think could possibly be in the Mafia. Then close their eyes again. Finally, the Doctors open their eyes and choose people to save.

The Mafia are able to kill 1-4 people (depending on the number of people playing) during each round. The Police are able to accuse 2-3 people of being Mafia and the Storyteller nods yes or no to confirm. The Doctor is able to protect/save 2-3 people during each round.

Then I ask everyone to open their eyes. I reveal any unfortunate deaths and tell those students that they can no longer talk since they are dead but they can keep their eyes open for the rest of the game. Then the students accuse each other and defend themselves. That part gets a little bit hard for them but they try their best.


During the second class, we learned how to make piñatas. Since we were short on time, we made the really simple kind made out of paper bags haha. My co-teacher and I prepped the tissue paper since we had large sheets of tissue paper. We cut them into strips and cut the fringe to save class time. We ended up doing that for hours…. didn’t want to ever see tissue paper again.

I asked the students to bring their own paper bags to class. Surprisingly, most of them remembered. We also provided some glue, construction paper, and markers. Enough typing, just check out the pics.

1. Crumple paper

2. Fill the bag with crumpled paper

3. Tape or staple the bag closed

4. Fold tissue paper to stagger the 2 layers of fringe (?)

5. Glue the first layer of fringe close to the bottom of the bag.

6. Glue the next layer above the first one.

7. Try not to make a mess.

8. Keep adding layers of tissue paper until the bag is completely covered.

9. Add eyes and other features.

10. Ta da!

Here are some more pics of their completed piñatas:





Looks just like the example!





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For our first lesson, we talked about clothes. The powerpoint is on the Lesson Plans page. After we went over different types of clothes and how to describe them, the students cut out clothes from magazines and presented them to the class. Easy and fun activity for the first day. The students could already tell that camp would be more hands-on and interesting than regular English class.

Here are my students hard at work!

He's wearing a suit and tie

So stylish

Look at the concentration

So focused!

This kid is straight up napping in the middle of class

The finished product…

Pretty good job

Korean celebs

Not bad from the boys. Though they admittedly only picked the pics of hot girls o_o;

The high class life according to the first grade boys.

Didn’t want to post too many pics but you all get the idea. I think they did a pretty good job overall.

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