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This might be old news for some, but I just found out SNSD is the face of the Nintendo DSi in Korea. A couple weeks ago, I went into a video game store to look for a charger for my DSi since mine from back home doesn’t work here. They didn’t have any…yet! Turns out, the DSi was just released 4 days ago on April 15. So I googled Nintendo DSi Korea and was surprised to see SNSD pop up. If they had come out with a song for the DSi, they would’ve been my new favorite group. Too bad!

SNSD testing out the face resemblance feature. I'd say they look more than 45% related!

Now that the DSi is finally out in Korea, I can buy accessories for my DSi! Maybe I’ll go back this week and try to buy a charger. I definitely want a cute skin and case, too. Come on Korea, get on it! Lamb-Lamb better hook it up!

Make this one for the DSi!

I’m actually surprised the DSi came out so late in Korea. I don’t know if that’s the norm, I just assumed they have stuff sooner than the US, or at least at around the same time. The DSi came out a little over a year ago in the US. I pre-ordered mine and picked it up after midnight lol. With the exception of myself, of course, all the nerds and gamers were out for that. I think the DS lite and DSi are great!! I recommend it to anyone if you have ever considered buying one. Get it!

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A Cell Phone AT LAST!

Finally got a cell phone! I ended up getting the Samsung Kim Yuna Haptic phone (model  SPH-W7700) in pink! It’s a pretty nice phone. Touch screen! And it’s super cute. Here’s a promo pic:

Gold medal phone! 파이팅! Victory!

I was only able to get this phone because my co-teacher signed up for a 2-year contract under her name. I don’t have to pay for the phone as long as I sign up for a 35,000won (~$30) monthly plan, which includes 250 minutes and 500MB data internet usage. It’s not unlimited mobile to mobile, text, or data but I’d say that’s fine since I won’t be using my phone as much as I do back home. Anyway, it’s $30 alone for the iPhone data plan so $30 for this kind of monthly plan is affordable in my opinion. The penalty fee for terminating the contract early is ~$150. So I pretty much pay $150 for the phone if I break the contract early. I’d say that’s not too bad!

I have no idea how to charge this phone. It doesn’t seem to include a charger… I checked the manual and it doesn’t have a picture of a charger in the illustration of items it comes with. No clue. Yeah, I have to buy a charger separately :(.

Some of its features:

  • 3.0 megapixel camera
  • TV (don’t know how to use it..)
  • Video calling
  • Music player
  • Apps: My Pet 2, My Haptic Tone ?, games, subway map, currency converter, translator, calculator, school timetable, unit converter, Biorhythm ?, karaoke (dl songs)
  • Dictionary
  • My Diary – take pics and write about stuff
  • Cute ass wallpapers and themes
  • Customizable widgets

Heck yeah, My Diary feature. Feels like I’m in elementary school again. I’m gonna enjoy this phone!

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Meet My Family!

Had a great first lesson today! I did a lesson on introducing family members and I made a powerpoint on the Wild Thornberrys for my first year (7th grade) students. I used to love that show! The intro is too fast for my students, so I recorded myself saying pretty much the same dialog but in simpler words. I made the pitch higher so I would sound like a little girl haha. I think it turned out pretty good.

This was my first actual lesson because I did intros for the first two weeks. The class loved it and I had fun too! I’m soooo glad because I stayed up all night making the powerpoint and sound files. The school computers are ancient so it took forever to load the presentation and we couldn’t figure out how to play the sound either :(. I just ended up saying the dialog, which was fine in the end.

After the Wild Thornberrys, I introduced my family. The students loved that too. I showed one of my brothers with a giant pizza and all the students were like WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I showed my other brother with a computer game and all the boys were like YEAHHH!!! So when I reviewed and asked Who is this? and What do they like to do? They were like YOUR BROTHER LIKES TO EAT PIZZA!! YOUR BROTHER LIKES TO PLAY COMPUTER GAMES!!

Then I had the students draw pictures of their families and write a sentence describing each person. They enjoyed this a lot. The students asked me how to spell ‘alcohol’  and I was like… why? Then one student was like

“This is my dad. He likes to drink alcohol!”

hahahahaha!! Actually a few students wrote this!

A lot of the students had pets and their descriptions for their pets were hilarious.

“This is my pet turtle. He likes to sleep, eat, poo.”

“This is my pet gold fish. He likes to do nothing.”

“This is my pet hamster. He is fat and lazy.”

“This is my pet see monkey. . . . . . . . (dots are the sea monkeys)”

I didn’t take pictures of all of their drawings but here are a few:

Super cute!

Nice, CY World lol

Great work, don't you think?


Very creative!

I wish I had taken a picture of the particularly scary looking Korean moms and dads. One kid drew devil horns and a pitchfork on his mom o_o;

My students are a hoot!

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Yesterday I got internet installed at my apartment! I’m posting pictures and posts I’ve written since I got to Daegu so go back and read some posts that I meant to put up the last couple weeks! About the hyper speed internet in Korea that is supposedly 3-4 times faster than internet in the US… it seems a little faster. Okay it is faster!

Now that I have internet, the only thing left that I need is a cell phone. I’m such a sucker for cute stuff. I’m a perfect target for all these Korean cell phone ad campaigns. I want the Lollipop 2. Damn you, Big Bang!

Girl, you’re my lollipop

Oh girl, you’re my lolli lolli

Girl, you’re my lollipop

Hey, let’s get it poppin, poppin

Wait… the phone barely even makes an appearance in that video. G-Dragon pretends to eat one at 1:02. Here’s what it looks like:

It goes, L-O-L-L-I-P-O-P...

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