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I woke up kind of early since I went to sleep early. Breakfast started at 7:30am and most people were there early, probably because they had trouble sleeping or slept early the night before. The food is pretty good. There was white rice, fried rice, scrambled eggs, kimchi, hard boiled eggs, croissant, bread, soup. Then we split up into our classes and went on a short tour of the campus.

After lunch, I spontaneously decided to climb up a mountain to see a temple with my roommate and two other guys she met in our program. It was very close to the campus, about a 5 minute walk, and it took 30 minutes to climb up the mountain to the temple. It was freezing at first but then I started to get too hot as we trekked up the mountain. The path was steep and windy but it was nice to breath some fresh air and see the snow and trees. Not much of any of that in Southern California. The view from the temple was pretty nice. Please excuse the poor quality of these photos, I took them with my phone!

I hiked up the mountain in my boots. Not the most comfortable but it was too cold to wear my Converse and all the other shoes I brought are heels.

We had the opening ceremony in the afternoon, which included opening remarks, a performance by Midong Elementary Tae Kwon Do students, useful information, and a guest speaker. I’ll post a video of the students’ performance once I figure out how to upload it from my phone. Then we had the Welcome Dinner which included a huge buffet of Korean food. I have been eating too much since I got here and I’m getting fat again ahh! Time to work out once I have the energy.

Tomorrow we have medical check ups, which includes a blood draw so we all have to fast tonight. I’ll write a post about that tomorrow. Time for bed!

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