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Let’s Fly

Because I’m into Far East Movement and I love me some Socal. Congrats on having a number one single, FM! Here’s an article I wrote about them on BakitWhy.com.

Up, up here we go

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Men of K-Pop

It’s been a while since I posted some K-Pop videos. Here are some new songs from the men of K-Pop.

If none of the videos work, try watching them on youtube or searching for another video.

Beautiful Hangover – Big Bang

My boys came out with a new video and it looks like their style has evolved into a more sophisticated and mature look that suits them very nicely. New haircuts too. TOP is looking good and stylish as usual. I’m convinced Taeyang is the best dancer and actor in the group. G-Dragon is still prettier than most women. Seungri looks good in white. And the one guy whose name I can never remember looks surprisingly good! He must work out now. And I like the title lol.

Word of advice to G-Dragon: Chapstick.

I’ll Be There – Taeyang

My 남동생 Taeyang came out with a new video this month. It reminds me a lot of vampires because of the cemetery scene. Or maybe because I watched the entire 3 seasons of True Blood in one weekend. That’s 33 hours out of 48.

I Need a Girl – Taeyang

My real brother’s anthem (Taeyang is my brother’s doppelganger). This is an older video featuring Sandara Park from 2NE1. And of course G-Dragon is in it too just because. I think he’s secretly in every K-Pop video.

Better Together – Se7en

Se7en is known for his dance moves. I think he’s pretty good. But all the flashing lights kind of give me a headache. His name makes me think of the movie…

Lucifer – Shinee

A lot of my students like Shinee. I’m not really a fan. They are waaaaay too skinny.

Fly to Seoul ‘Boom Boom Boom’ – 2PM

Here’s 2PM promoting the shit out of Seoul for the Seoul Dream Campaign.

Dalmatian Round 1

This is some kind of promo for a new group called Dalmatian. LOL at the name choice. A buff and tanned man wearing a robe walks into a room full of shoes and pulls out a pair of bedazzled, dalmatian-patterned high tops from the shelf. 33 seconds of confusion…


In other K-Pop news…


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Beat It

No doubt that Michael Jackson was a worldwide superstar. Some Korean artists from Fluxus Music made their own version of MJ’s song Beat It using iPhone apps. Pretty neat!

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I know I’ve been posting quite a few K-Pop videos but I want to make it clear that I’m not a K-Pop expert in any way! I’ve gotten into it just by living in Korea and hearing music on TV, at stores and from delivery scooters blasting their radios. I just wanted to post some of the videos my students showed me today and videos I’ve seen on TV. Here are a few:

CN Blue – Love – I saw this video on TV a few days ago. Pretty catchy song. According to my female students, who are adoring fans of CN Blue, they really play the instruments. I like this song even though it does sound A LOT like one of their other songs.

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears – These ladies are doing well by singing Korean and English versions of their songs. Pretty good voices in the group I think. They definitely kept the Korean-style dance moves though. I can’t get into the sweeping arm movements and disco hip rocking. Aniyo!

In Korean

In English

2NE1 – Follow Me – A bit older but really, really catchy.  I think it was used to promote a cell phone or some other product so I heard it everywhere. This version sounds a lot slower though. Random side note, I don’t know why I didn’t notice earlier that Sandara Park is in the group! She was on a Filipino talent competition a few years back. Sooo freakin random. I mean maybe this was her master plan all along. To make it in the K-Pop biz. Who knows?

At this point, I’m just posting videos as I watch the music video channel. ENJOY!!

U-Kiss – Bingeul Bingeul – A few months old, but a really catchy song. I hear it everywhere! It was just on TV right now too, go figure. I like the song but I’m not feeling the video. It’s like I’m in a bad Korean night club. With people dancing the choreography in unison and everything. Doesn’t look as polished as other videos I’ve seen.

SS501 – Love Ya – This is the first time I’ve heard this song or heard of this group. Pretty good looking group of guys. Different style from the other videos I posted. It’s got more of an American hip hop sort of sound and look so I kinda like it. Since I’m not familiar with this group, I can’t tell who’s actually in the group or just a back up dancer. Actually, I have that problem with every K-Pop group.

Big Bang and Trans Fixion ft. Kim Yuna – Shouts of Red – This is a song to cheer on Korea in the World Cup (I think). Like a typical American, I know nothing about soccer. I hope to watch some of the games though.

2PM and SNSD – Cabi Song (Caribbean Bay) – Okay, I’m being a total hater right now. Can’t say I’m a fan of SNSD. I just don’t see the point of 9 girls being in a group unless they’re a sorority or something. This video makes no sense to me. It has about 2 dozen half-naked people training to be life guards at a water park. There are love triangles, squares and whatever. Too many people to even give enough screen time. All the boob and booty shots are pretty funny. The only convincing part of this video is that the girl’s breast implants would make good floatation devices. Oh and the dance party at the end is like a night club scene with everyone dancing to the same choreography. Yeah, I think I mentioned a few times already that in some night clubs people dance the choreography in unison. Like High School Musical.

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California is the freakin best. I love Korea but I miss California :(. Sure there are some things I don’t miss, like earthquakes, the Governator, UC bullshit, LA traffic, gas prices, and brushfire season. But I love being in California and being from California.  Katy Perry’s new single California Gurls reminded me what I’m missing out on – a California summer. I love the freedom of summer, the fun, the sun, and of course celebrating my birthday. I have so many good memories of my California summers. I hope I can have a great summer here in Korea!

My friends back home are already enjoying summer weather. I wish I could be there too. Thanks for rubbing it in, Katy Perry. I don’t even like her music but this song is catchy and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

You could travel the world
But nothing comes close
to the golden coast

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Just wanted to share some of the songs that have been playing non-stop so you can enjoy/suffer like the rest of us here in Korea!

소녀시대, or SNSD for short, or translated as Girl’s Generation into English. These 9 young ladies are huge right now. Very popular with the boys at my school for reasons you can see below.

I like this song and video. Very catchy and interesting story line. My female students like CN Blue, especially Jung Yong Hwa.

외톨이야... I'm a loner...

K-Pop meets American pop: Big Bang – Lollipop 2 + Lady Gaga – Telephone. My favorites!!!! Amazing combo! And the title, Lolliphone 2, loveeeee it.

I checked out the other songs by Masa Mixes and they’re great! Mixing K-Pop with American pop. I’ll play some of these for my students for sure. Check out his site to listen and download. Great mixes!

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Pop Music

I just had a lesson about music with my third graders (9th graders) and my after school class. I decided to give them a break since they just finished midterms on Tuesday so I postponed the lesson I had planned. Anyway, the title of Lesson 3 is Music Around Us so I thought it’d be a good lesson to have fun with.

For the midterm, I got to make 3 questions each for grades 1, 2 and 3. My grade 2 students said my questions were hard. LOL did their teachers tell them which questions I made? I looked at a sample midterm from last year and I thought the questions were really well-written, fair and challenging. The English teachers in every grade write the tests. They looked over my questions and said they were good. I tried to make them straight-forward but not too obvious. As a student, I always hated the kind of multiple choice questions that predicted common wrong answers and included them as possible answers. Naturally, I modeled my questions after those. I didn’t think they were hard questions though. Maybe those students just didn’t pay attention in class. I’ll tell my classes that now they know what my test questions are like, so they better be prepared to study anything I tell them, mwahahaha!

For my music lesson, I borrowed another one of Amanda’s great lesson ideas – creating a band. I modified it to fit just one lesson since the next week I teach Grade 3, I have Thursday and Friday off and I only see half of my classes. I wasn’t able to assign a project for them to work on at home.

Here’s how I did my lesson:

First, I showed them the Ok Go “Here it Goes Again” video on treadmills to get them thinking about music and to expose them to music videos that aren’t all sleek and color coordinated. Then I defined the word ‘genre’ and asked each group to give me one genre and went around until they couldn’t think of anymore. Then I asked them to name different Korean, American, and other singers and bands. This is like opening a can of worms so I called on groups one at a time. Luckily, I’ve been studying up on K-Pop and I was familiar enough with the names of singers and bands to write them on the board correctly.

I said something to transition into the next activity, which was creating their own band. I just had each group fill out a worksheet describing their band and had them answer some questions. I made up my own band as an example.

Band Name: M-Plosion
Genre: Pop/Hip-Hop
Members: M-Cee, F-Lizard, Goliath, and Optimus
Instruments: turn tables
Specialty: M-Cee – rap, F-Lizard – dance, Goliath – freestyle, Optimus – mixing

I don’t even know. I just made that up before class when I was making my powerpoint. M-Plosion is a name one of my friends gave me as my K-Pop name (only as a joke!). Obviously F-Lizard is a rip off of G-Dragon. Goliath and Optimus are from my favorite childhood cartoons, Gargoyles and Transformers. After that, I had the class do their thing and make their own bands.

Some bands had at least 30 people in them. A super-group of sorts with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, SNSD, Ne-Yo, 2PM, Rain and god knows who else. Others were just random like Obama, Lee Hyori, and Kim Yuna. Most students just put themselves in the band. But they got creative when they described their band’s style. Styles included: sexy, cutey, chic, wonderful & beautiful, school uniforms, suits, mini skirts (on the boys), bikini (again, on the boys). One group was so detailed, they described each hairstyle and even the make up. Oh the influence of K-Pop.

In my after school class I was able to show more music videos. Let me be the one to say I introduced Justin Bieber to Korean middle school students (at least at my middle school ;)). The boys and girls really enjoyed his videos and songs. It was my first time watching the videos too. I could see my middle school self liking those songs. Looks like no one is immune to the Bieber Fever.

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